Preparing Authors for Prime Time: Media Ready, Media Savvy

January 24, 2012 | By More

NC Author David Halperin

Authors tend to be people most at home with the pen or keyboard, choosing their words carefully with reflection and getting many passes at perfecting them.

A few of us have “the gift”, “the gift of the gab” they call it. Able to entertain with a smooth flow of charming and fascinating words.

Journal of a UFO Investigator

Talking with the media requires speed. Quick answers. The best answers. Or the reporters and producers lose interest quickly, and audiences even faster.

For the rest of us, the answer is simple, but hard.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. And. Practice. Practice. Practice.

And then practice some more.

NC Author Anna Jean Mahew

Triangle writer, and media insider, Alison Hill, first made herself known to the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill writers by joining the Raleigh Write to Publish group led by author, teacher and community educator, Stacey Cochran. Invited by Anora McGaha, then an assistant organizer in the for the meetup, Alison gave a talk about preparing to talk to the media. It drew the biggest attendance for the Western Wake Meet-ups of Raleigh Write to Publish. The excitement was palpable. People were charged with a direction an inspiration. Several said it was one of the best events they had attended.

Alison Hill’s subsequent workshops were well attended and helped prepare two Triangle authors for the launch of their debut novels.

The Dry Grass of August

Retired University of North Carolina Professor of Religion, David Halperin, and Anna Jean Mahew, both launched novels in 2011, after attending Alison Hill’s Media Readiness workshops.

Halperin’s novel is The Journal of a UFO Investigator, on the surface about investigating UFO’s and at its core, about the inner space of outer space.

Mahew’s novel is about the South in the 1960s, The Dry Grass of August.

Author and micro-publisher, Anora McGaha of ClearSight Creative Resources saw the huge gap in writers’ preparedness for the media in the dozens of writer meet-ups she attended in the Triangle.

Writers were focused on the huge challenge of writing their best stories and completing their manuscripts, and maybe, on how to market their manuscripts to agents and publishers, but no one was talking about how to reach and how to be ready for the traditional media.

The Media Workbook for Authors, Media Ready, Media Savvy

Ask yourself “What’s your book about?” and “Tell me about yourself.”

If you don’t have an immediate, relevant, interesting and customized answer depending on who you’re talking to, YOU ARE NOT READY FOR MEDIA ATTENTION.

What’s the answer?¬†Alison Hill’s Media Ready, Media Savvy workbook.

This resource for authors, is a workbook with exercises you can hand write the answers to, guiding authors in how to write their book and author descriptions, how to draw out the most interesting aspects of each for different audiences, how to become a student of the media, and how to target and approach the media.

Media Ready, Media Savvy is available electronically (digitally) as a text only PDF, with Exercises in an MS Word Doc. See the right sidebar of the Media Ready, Media Savvy website.

Order your PDF and Exercises now and have them in minutes to use right away.


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