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March 19, 2012 | By More

Writers of the Triangle asked Andy Holloman, a Raleigh North Carolina based writer, now author of his first novel, a thriller called Shades of Gray, to share some of what he’s learned about marketing his book in the past year.

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Things I’ve learned on my short road to being published —   Twitter!

I have had several occasions in the past month to encourage writers to spend more time developing their presence on Twitter.

Every time I bring it up, I can see the furrowed brows and open mouths of disbelief in the follow-up messages these same people send me:

“Twitter is just for kids, right?”

“I tried it a few years ago, but thought it was a waste of time.”

Well let me say it again, this time more stridently:


So there it is.

Here’s why.

My Twitter/publishing journey began about May 2011.

I had poked around a bit with Twitter before that but never found it to be that interesting.  Now it is the social media spot where I spend about 65% of my marketing efforts. Strange, huh?  Twitter for marketing?  Yeah, I’ll get to that shortly.

Here’s the Number 1 Reason why writers need to spend time on Twitter

You will become friends with writers.

I’ve developed a group of 15 or so Twitter friends that I correspond with via email and often by phone.  We swap ideas, reviews, tips on marketing, important links, beta read each others MS’s, and just have fun.  I count on these folks to bounce ideas off of as they do me. I’m not in this solitary profession all by my lonesome anymore.

And here’s what else you need to know about being a writer and author on Twitter.

It takes time.

Invest $50 in a Twitter for Writers seminar on the web.  You can find them everywhere (I like @rachelintheOC or

Watch and follow other writers. (You can’t throw a rock on twitter without hitting one of them.)

Watch how they chat with each other. Check out their blogs.  Re-Tweet what they say.  Just keep following them.

You’ll make friends.  I promise.

If you REALLY want to improve your –  craft, publishing skills, number of reviews on various websites, learn more about sales and marketing….then Twitter is your VERY BEST resource.  I know, I’ve tried almost all of them!!  -  FB, Goodreads, Google +, Library Thing.)

Book Cover of Shades of Gray by NC Author Andy Holloman

Andy Holloman's Debut Novel, Shades of Gray

As you grow your twitter friendships with writers you will see all of them hawking their books.

Yes it can get a little annoying.

But one of the reasons so many folks are selling their books via Twitter is because IT WORKS!

Watch how they do it.

Read other things they tweet about.

Notice the frequency of their tweets. How frequently they tweet about other things, and how frequently they tweet about their own books for sale.

Then ask some questions.

You’ll get answers.

You’ll get tips.


I did. Not just a little bit smarter, I mean exponentially smarter than I would have been without my Twitter mates.

Be patient.  It takes a little time to get use to it.  Twitter is “snarkier” and racier than FB.
There’s a limit of 140 characters and thus it doesn’t lend itself to lengthy discussions but, as I indicated earlier, people connect off-Twitter
to have longer dialogues.

Give Twitter 90 days and spend 30 minutes a day.  

You wouldn’t start a workout program to get in better shape without a 90 day strategy, right?

Try Twitter.  If you do, I promise you will thank me later. (Or you may curse me as you may become a Twitter addict, like me  *smile*  )

Follow Andy Holloman on Twitter, @AndyHolloman he’s one of the lucky ones whose name fits and wasn’t taken by someone else. and ask him to follow you because you read his blog post on Writers of the Triangle, or found it on @TriangleWriter on Twitter.

Read Andy Holloman’s blog Shades of Gray. Like his Facebook Page, he posts some delightful things there.

You’ll find a number of ways to get a copy of his book in paper or digitally here:

He’s also building a serious collection of reviews, some of which are captured here:

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